Warfare In 21st Century & What India Needs To Do? Debate - Concluding Part 4 Of MVI Debate

"Make RA&W the STINGING arm of your WOM on China and Pakistan. Provide Baloch, Pashtun, Tibetan and Uighur rebels bases in India. 'Do unto your enemy what it does to you ' is an old maxim ."

Warfare In 21st Century & What India Needs To Do? Debate - Concluding Part 4 Of MVI Debate

Editor's Note: MVI debate on " Warfare in 21st century & what India needs to do? " led basically to the Nuclear Debate. After publishing 3 Parts of debate, Links given below:

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MVI received few more responses which are included in this concluding part 4. MVI thanks all respondents for collectively spreading awareness on this less known subject.

Trigger: 'The Meaning of War in the 21st Century' by Thierry Meyssan, published at The Peninsula Foundation, on October 22, 2022.

Response to the Article in the Indian Context

Col. Rajinder Kushwaha      

You do not become capable of facing China by buying weapons of 21st Century wars but by  producing them in your own country in a double quick time.

China has a lead time of over 20 years on you . Technologically , you are still in the “stone age” because you always focused on buying weapons than producing quality weapons . India needs to spend a minimum of 2% of GDP on defence R&D (over and above defence budget of around 100 billion USD) to catch up with China in next 10 years.

Are you ready to do that ? If not, then forget about facing China in a NO CONTACT WAR of 21st century . China’s military technology is as good as US, if not better. In cyber technology and space technology, China now matches USA.

Call of the times is CATCH UP WITH CHINA TECHNOLOGICALLY AND MILITARILY OR GET LOST. Accept the reality that India was NO MATCH to China as on date . Let us stop boasting about our 2nd rate weaponry and third rate military strategists — who do not even understand the nuances of 21st century war — who think that  by buying Raffles or S-400 or latest tanks or  even attack drones,  they can fight the next war with China. Bought / borrowed weaponry is like white washing of a dilapidated house — outward beauty does not reflect inner strength . First flames of fire — white washed house will melt like a house of wax!

Why your DRDO has failed? Because your Generals were more interested in their foreign jaunts to buy weapons — every time changing GSQR based on what was available in the market. Our military strategy has been to purchase weapons first and then fit them into our scheme of things — instead of working out our requirements to suite our strategy. Our politico - military strategy has been of STATUS QUO and political ambitions of becoming a global power. A complete mismatch — Till 1962 —you did not even think of having an army. It was your morality - bug of AHINSA PARMO DHARMA — which had disoriented you from real-politic of the world.

OFFENCE IS THE BEST POLICY OF DEFENCE — but who will teach your political bosses to do “Israel”  on Pakistan? You allowed Pakistan to go nuclear — by following “ Status Quo” policy — who black mails you now ? Strategy of offence  means: Keep your adversary at an arm’s length — keep it away from 'Fortress India'  — you keep crying about Pak - sponsored Terrorism — J& K and Punjab . Put Sindh, Baluchistan, Xinjiang and Tibet on fire. Go open — shed your moralistic stand — Tit for Tat. Make RA&W the STINGING   arm of your WOM on China and Pakistan. Provide Baloch, Pashtun, Tibetan and Uighur rebels bases in India. “Do unto your enemy what it does to you “— is an old maxim.

Neil John

India’s nuclear doctrine is a piece of paper that has been in the draft stage and maintained as such. A draft is not the final approach and does not give the signatures of ratification by the government.

After the recent Balakot events, the defence minister Rajnath Singh, mentioned on the national media that we aren’t keeping our nuclear arsenal just for show. They will be used if required.

The issue is that everything about concepts is always constantly adapting to the situation and the need. You can’t state that because this is our national policy or doctrine we won’t do the opposite. It’s NATIONAL INTEREST and only this that takes precedence over all strategies.

We can keep talking about nuclear war becoming passé. Surprisingly in an era where modern technology is ancient in a few months, the only permanent deterrent to preventing wars by the nuclear powers, is the nuclear deterrent.

Let’s not fool ourselves. Nuclear deterrent alone can’t do much, like in case of Pakistan, where the military is still captive to Chinese thought processes and the technology is ancient US disposables. They do not even have the economy to fight a war. Nuclear arsenal needs to be supported by capabilities and a robust economy.

For Pakistan a conventional war is absolutely a disaster. The nuclear threat worked before. Will it work again is still to be seen. After all war is not a military domain. We are just party to it.

Maj Gen. Rana Goswami

I am in agreement with  Gen Nambiar . It is stupid to have a strategic weapon and then say, I will not use it!  I said it in as many words even during the National Seminar on Nuclear Warfare. However, we have to accept that this is a political decision, with advice from the defence services, who ultimately have to action it and face the impact either way. Yet, the defence services are merely instruments of State function and operate only when required to do so. If we say we won't use it first, "Where is the Deterrence"?

Maj Gen. CD Sawant

He has spelt out very well, however such issues are only debated and discussed by the veterans, the people who should call shots are always mum, lest they should earn the wrath of our politicos. Even Modi has a low opinion about our Generals. People like Gen Naravane who called spade  a spade are side lined. Such are the unfortunate facts of India.

Col. Vijay Bhate

He is blaming Generals for weapons buying. Doesn't he know that Generals were / are only tool in the hands of MOD &  Politicians? It was this group which stagnated the Defence production in every field. Now the same team is handing over weapons to forces which are  below par on pretext of home grown weapon systems. As always forces will suffer !

(Views expressed are the respondent's own and do not reflect the editorial stance of Mission Victory India)

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