The Story of 26/11 Hero Commando Praveen Kumar Teotia

Praveen Kumar Teotia is known for his bravery, determination, and ‘never-say-die spirit’. During the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, he was instrumental in saving innumerable lives despite sustaining severe injures. Today he is an elite endurance athlete, motivational speaker, and author.

The Story of 26/11 Hero Commando Praveen Kumar Teotia

On the 12th anniversary of the Mumbai terror attack, Praveen Kumar Teotia reminisces his various accomplishments during his military career and its aftermath. Forced to retire early as a result of injuries suffered during the attacks, the gallant and versatile former commando did not look behind and is now a champion Marathon runner and an author too. In this 26/11 anniversary, the ex-commando throws light on his experiences during the Mumbai terror attacks and in its aftermath.

Praveen Kumar Teotia hails from village Bhatona in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh. The aim to serve country always ingrained in him since childhood, which eventually led him to join the Navy as a sailor in 2002.

He distinguished himself in several operations in Kashmir and other parts of the Country and was selected to join the elite MARCOS (Marine Commandos) unit, which conducts counter terrorism and special operations. During the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, he was severely injured in a gun battle with terrorist but paved the way in rescuing hundreds of hostages.

Life after the attacks and emerging as a champion athlete

"Having been struck in the ear and chest by four bullets, Teotia battled for life in a Mumbai hospital for the 19 days. Today he is an elite endurance athlete"
The 26/11 Hero, Indian Navy and MARCO Veteran, Shaurya Chakra Awardee Praveen Kumar Teotia

Having been struck in the ear and chest by four bullets, Teotia battled for life in a Mumbai hospital for the 19 days, and ultimately managed to survive. But life was not the same as it was before getting injured. Due to his physical limitations after injury he was assigned with a desk job in Navy and retired after some times.

After retirement, he started running in long distance marathon and won many events, especially in the ultramarathon and triathlon category. The most notable of his accomplishments include completing the gruelling 72 km Khardung La challenge in Ladakh in 2017, Ironman Triathlon Championship in South Africa (comprising 3.86 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42.195 km marathon running) in 2018 and many other races.

The former MARCOS operative is always positive; Photo Courtesy Praveen Kumar

Humanitarian work during lockdown

As part of humanitarian efforts coronavirus pandemic induced lockdown, he auctioned several of his hard earned medals and dedicated around two lakh rupees to the PM CARES Fund.

Connection with Nagpur city and its people

He has a close connection with the orange city and acquaintances based in Nagpur like teacher and social worker Soumyajit Thakur, Mitesh Rambhia and many others. He last participated in the 2018 edition of the Nagpur Marathon and also visited Jam Sawali Hanuman Mandir few occasions.

Recent book launch ‘26/11 Braveheart: My Encounter with Terrorists That Night’

Of late, he has taken up writing and his book titled ‘26/11 brave heart: My encounter with terrorists that night’ was launched recently which throws light on his life, career in Indian Navy and especially his ordeals during the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.

Apart from this, he actively takes part in many other initiatives like providing commando training programmes for state police forces personnel and is also a prolific motivational speaker. We salute this great son of the soil and wish him the best for his upcoming endeavours.

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(Soumyajit Thakur is a teacher, journalist and social worker based in Nagpur. Continuing his freedom fighter grandfather Atul Chandra Kumar’s legacy he is also into social work. He was appreciated by Central Govt authorities for his social service during COVID-19 lockdown)

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