Spurt in Terrorist Acts in Kashmir: Is it Pakistan’s Nefarious New Strategy?

"It seems Pakistan has begun an offensive in Kashmir as per the contents of Pakistan’s yearly military book, called Green Book - 2020."

Spurt in Terrorist Acts in Kashmir: Is it Pakistan’s Nefarious New Strategy?

There has been a spurt in Terrorists attacks in Kashmir valley. After Changimulla village fiasco,today two terror attacks took place on two CRPF convoys at Handwara and Nowgaon. At Handwara 3 CRPF men were killed today. It is unacceptable.In the last 15 days or so,Five attacks have taken place and we have lost 15 -18 men against 10 militants .

Besides, there is also a spurt in anti -India propaganda through fake Twitter Handles in UAE and Saudi Arabia. A narrative of Islamophobia in India is being built. It is alleged that all these handles are Pakistan’s ISI Operatives .

It seems Pakistan has begun an offensive in Kashmir as per the contents of Pakistan’s yearly military book, called Green Book - 2020. General Bajwa lays down the narrative of the Green Book -2020 by highlighting two actions of India in 2020. They were Balakot Air attack by India in February 2020 and abrogation of Articles 370 and 35 A on 05 August by India. According to him this was done under a nuclear overhang by India and a counter strategy was desired .

All this is an indication that Pakistan has adopted a ‘two pronged’ approach I.e. a spurt in terrorist activities by indigenous terrorists and non - kinetic means to build an international opinion against India through Electronic; Cyber and Misinformation campaigns.India ought to take note and puncture this Pakistani Narrative, .

Covid -19 is the cover it is using to up the intensity of violence in Kashmir  and damage India’s image by non- kinetic means . Covid -19 provides Pakistan good cover because the world was preoccupied with the virus. Under the pretext of Islamophobia Pakistan was attacking India through Hybrid means along with indigenisation of militancy in Kashmir .. In the same Green book there is an article by Lt Gen. Raza Mohammed Khan, retired, who asks the Pakistani Government to tell the USA that Pakistan would withdraw troops from Western border , if India does not stop subjugating Kashmiris . In other words it would intensify border war on India , which it seems to have done .

Farzana Shah, a Peshawar based Journalist, writing in the GreenBook 2020, spells out this ‘two pronged strategy’ as Pakistan’s response in these two domains (Non - Kinetic and indigenised militancy in Kashmir)  will be purely non-kinetic, denying any involvement of arms.”

Farzana Shah further contends in the GreenBook- 2020 If the strategy was executed properly and a local uprising occurs inside in Indian Kashmir, it will make it extremely difficult for India to keep selling the terrorism card on Kashmir.

She wants conditions to be created to make more popular Kashmiri youths to be martyred like Burhan Wani (Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist) l, who was a local hero. She advocates then. India can  not blame these actions on Pakistan. Only a native of uprising in Kashmir will be just and politically defendable for Pakistan on international forums. She concludes that such an uprising will need support in the information domain.

The Indian Army and the government has to take note of such a strategy. While India is busy fighting Covid -19, Pakistan is making all out efforts to revive indigenous militancy and take Kashmir  back to black days of the 1990s.Pakistan is not only exploiting the Covid-19 situation in the world and US involvement with forthcoming Presidential elections, but it is also trying to divert publi.c attention from Imran khan’s failure to deliver . His daily tweets against India on Indian Muslims speak his mind .

Time to pay back in the same coin In Sindh, Balochistan and KPK.It is not time to react to him but make him react to what we do. Wake up India —- shift your attention to Kashmir , too. Do not get bogged down with Covid-19 —— Kashmir is equally important. Surprisingly, Green Book -2020 quotes Arundati Roy to defame India as part of a NON- Kinetic Campaign on India.

Killing of Baloch Journalists in Sweden by ISI agents, should be used to ignite Balochistan. Enough of “Aman ki Asha''. I am reminded of a quote of my friend Kalmuddin of North Kashmir, who often said: “If you add sugar to poison, It does not become a sweet dish. Should you consume, you would die. Talks or no talks; Kashmir or no Kashmir, Pakistan is pure poison for India. How prophetic are his words which he said in 1999, during the Kargil war .

I have quoted him in my book Kashmir - A different, available on publisher’s website turning point India. com and amazon.com. Read if you want to know more about Kashmir .

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