Relevant Subjects For Studies, Projects & Dissertations At Officer Training Institutions & Civil Defence Universities

Relevant Subjects For Studies, Projects & Dissertations At Officer Training Institutions & Civil Defence Universities

Dear Sir,
Kindly peruse two u/m (att) documents:

  1. Subjects for Dissertations, Projects & Studies for Officer Training Institutions by Col Vinay Dalvi, Chapter 2 of book 'Mission Victory India'
  1. Physical Training Methodology in Pre- Commission Training in Indian Army:

A Critical Review by Col Rajiv Ahlawat

The subjects for dissertations was initiated through a letter dt 18 Apr 2018 addressed to the COAS,CNS& CAS and copies sent to all military officer training institutions. No worthwhile formal feed back or response was received to this initiative. However, for record and posterity this letter was included as chapter 2 of our book titled 'Mission Victory India', vol 5 of Victory India Series, published by Pentagon Press in 2019.

Interestingly / ironically an apt and relevant subject that was chosen by Col Rajiv Ahlawat, Madras Sappers, for his dissertation for his HC course at AWC during 2018 / 19 won the coveted gold medal for the best dissertation in that course. It is pertinent that several references in this dissertation are from our Victory India Campaign books. Undoubtedly, it was the deep passion and single minded devotion to the subject chosen for dissertation by Col Ahlawat that earned for him the award. A copy of the 'abstract' of this dissertation was published by the AWC journal 2019. This was sent by me to then Army Chief Gen Naravane for his information and directions for spreading awareness of the issues highlighted in the dissertation. This was done to some extent, however, nothing much was followed up to gain from the rich contents in the paper.

The purpose of now circulating and publicizing the letter of dissertations and also the abstract of Col Ahlawat is to spread awareness about the same to concerned authorities both in the military and civil world that are actually concerned and connected with the subjects mentioned and issues related in the letter of dissertations. Col. Rajiv Ahlawat's abstract is a fine example to be emulated by more officers and students connected with these military subjects. More serving military officers must be encouraged to select most suitable subjects that are relevant to the times and cater for needs of future. Such studies will surely create greater interest, learning and also spread rich knowledge of these relevant subjects which till date have received little or no time and attention.

A Constructive Suggestion:
It is learnt that there are no topics related to physical training methodology and curriculum included in the list of approved topics for 'Research Fellowship'. The same need to be included so that Research based think tanks and desirous research fellowship aspirants can undertake research on these subject for benefit of improving the Indian Army physical training domain in the years ahead.

Kindly circulate this article widely amongst concerned readers both serving &  retired and also amongst civil defence universities.

Col. Vinay Dalvi, Editor, Mission Victory India


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