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About Pentagon Press LLP

Pentagon Story

Pentagon Press LLP began as a one-man endeavour and is today a well-knit professional company symbolizing consistent quality for over a decade. The company began has a printing press; a pioneering ‘export printing’ venture set up in 1984, which was the first to print for publishers in the US and UK. With extensive experience in the printing business, the obvious next step forward was to get into publishing. Pentagon titles have established an export market in SAARC and ASEAN Countries- a rare feat for an Indian publishing house.

Over the years, Pentagon has carved a niche for itself in an overcrowded market. It has stood out with its distinct titles and subjects, and has found valuable patrons among academia, policymakers, and civil society actors, along with national and international stakeholders. We are the publishers of choice for major think-tanks in India and some international organizations as well. Our premier publication, South Asia Defence and Strategic Year Book, is now in its ninth year of publication and stands as solid proof of our mission to build a platform for peace and stability in the region and beyond.

Vision: Build a strong India by assisting in the development of a holistically integrated culture in the Nation

Mission: Educating citizens with credible knowledge about issues of national security and development, by providing strategic thinkers and think-tanks a high quality publishing platform

Pentagon Values: Service of the Nation, Empowering Citizens, Peace and Harmony, Responsible Publishing and Distribution, Encourage New Authors, Gender Equality, Uphold Human Rights, and Effective CSR

Founder: Rajan Arya, current MD and CEO; who founded the company in 1999

Pentagon’s Notable Achievements

Excellence in Publishing Awards 2016 Presented by Kalraj Mishra, Union Minister (MSME) for Outstanding Performance in Defence and Security Publication

  • Best Publishers Award (English) in 2010 (FPBA)
  • Best Publishers Award in 2001 (DBSPA)

Awards: Best Publishers Award In 2001 (DBSPA), Best Publishers Award (English) for 2010 (FPBA)

South Asia Defence and Strategic Yearbook: Now in its ninth year of publication, was begun by Pentagon Press LLP with the sole aim contribution towards better understanding of conflicts and to promote Peace and Stability in the Region

Pentagon’s Associates and International Partners

  • Institute for Transnational Studies, Germany
  • Ministry of Defence, Govt. Of India
  • Institute of Defence And Strategic Analysis, New Delhi
  • Centre for Land Warfare Studies, New Delhi
  • Indian Council of World Affairs
  • National Maritime Foundation
  • Observer Research Foundation
  • Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Infinity Foundation, USA
  • National University Of Singapore
  • National Institute Of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
  • Brahmos Aerospace
  • Mission Victory India


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