Officer's Selection & Training Conundrum


Sir / Madam , Jan 2023 issue of GEOPOLITICS Magazine, a special Army Issue, is att for kind perusal and wide circulation to all interested readers:

Pages 30 -39 of the above issue contains a special feature/article  titled "OFFICER'S SELECTION & TRAINING CONUNDRUM" by Maj Gen Raj Mehta.

This landmark piece is intricately linked to two of his earlier articles published by Geopolitics Magazine in Nov 2011 and Jan 2015 issues titled "Grim Portents" and  "Grim Portents- Redux" respectively:

Kindly peruse above quoted piece and circulate to all concerned/ interested readers.

Responses to the Jan 23  article  by Maj Gen Raj Mehta are invited/ welcome to re-open the "SELECTION AND TRAINING CONUNDRUM" DEBATE IN 2023 .    

Wishing all readers A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year - 2023.

Col Vinay Dalvi,

Editor, Mission Victory India

Re-Opening The Debate On Theaterisation
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Re-Opening The Debate On Theaterisation

"This debate is done and dusted. These aspects had emerged when the theaterisation issue first came up. A lot has happened since then. There needs to be a realisation of the very changing nature of warfare itself"- Opines Maj Gen Rajan Kochhar

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Reality Of A Military Defeat Of 1962 India-War, Part 2

What made Nehru to ask the Indian Army to 'throw out the Chinese' from Thagla Ridge (their own area), an area five kms across the McMahon Line? It was only to pacify the public opinion. The govt had become a prisoner of its own facile pronouncements and drawing of boundary lines unilaterally.


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