Major General Raj Mehta, AVSM, VSM

Major General Raj Mehta, AVSM, VSM

Major General Raj Mehta was commissioned in January 1969 in the   Armoured Corps from OTS Madras. He retired in June 2006 as the raising Chief of Staff of a Corps.  He has commanded an RR Sector in the Valley, an Armoured Brigade in the desert and an Infantry Division on the LC in Kashmir. He has served at Army Headquarters in the Military Operations Directorate. He has also been Instructor NDA and DSSC.

As a volunteer activity, he created a Personality Development program for student officers’ wives at the Staff College. The program was later accepted by Madras University for award of a diploma to successful lady candidates. In 2001, the officer attended the National Defence College course. The officer obtained his Masters in English from Punjab University as a private candidate in 1975 and completed M Phil in 1996 from Madras University.

Post retirement, he has taken up writing and teaching the young as a serious preoccupation. He has, since 2006, edited three multi-volume books on Nuclear Non-proliferation, Ballistic Missile Defence Non-Proliferation and on Terrorism Laws. In January 2010, his book on the Sri Lanka War, Lost Victory came out.

It is now in   its second edition. Raj has had his articles and opinion pieces published by The Hindustan Times, The Tribune, Indian Express, CLAWS, South Asia Defence and  Strategy, FORCE, Manas Defence Year Book, South Asia Defence and Strategy Year Books,   Citadel, Identity, Pinnacle, AIDMI, Trishul, Combat, Geopolitics and Purple Beret. He is currently working on two books.

Raj Mehta has been teaching the young for the last 15 years. He focuses on Personality Development; Leadership; the Art of Living for Young Students; Women’s Empowerment and Preservation of our Ecology and Environment.


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