Lieutenant General Harbhajan Singh, PVSM, ex-SO-in-C (1st Course JSW/NDA)

Lieutenant General Harbhajan Singh, PVSM, ex-SO-in-C (1st Course JSW/NDA)

Belonging to the 1st Course NDA (JSW), Lt Gen Harbhajan Singh was commissioned in Corps of Signals in Dec 1952. After completing the Staff College Course in 1965, he was assigned to Operations appointments at Brigade (Brigade Major), Corps (Col GS Ops), Command (MG ‘Q’) and Army HQ (MO Directorate), thus gaining considerable experience in operational planning at tactical and strategic levels.

Subsequent to undergoing a course in computers in USA in early 1971, he started computer training for officers of the Three Services at MCTE Mhow. Later he was Director Computer Systems at Army HQ and also commanded the Army HQ Computer Center.

In the Corps of Signals, he commanded a Corps Signal Regiment, was Chief Signal Officer of an operationally committed corps and Chief Signal Officer Southern Command. The General commanded the Military College of Telecommunication at Mhow before taking over as the Head of Corps of Signals.

He is also an alumni of the National Defence College.

After superannuation he worked with the TATAs and represented TATA Exports Ltd in USA, thus gaining valuable experience of the corporate world and export areas.

Our Armed Forces have to train cadets and officers for wars of the 21st Century. Current military conflicts and future ones have been and will be electronics, cyber and technology driven. Lt Gen Harbhajan Singh has had unique experience of operational planning up the chain from brigade to Army HQ, as well as in the telecommunication and computer fields. Hence, he can be called a “Techno Operational General”!!

His views on training and leadership in the Armed Forces to plan and fight future wars are therefore based on very wide exposure and experience.


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