Indian Navy Bids Adieu to Hero Aviator 'Cdr Nishant Singh'

The Indian Navy paid its final respects to 'Naval Aviator' Commander Nishant Singh, who lost his life in a Mig-29K crash.

Indian Navy Bids Adieu to Hero Aviator 'Cdr Nishant Singh'

Commander Nishant Singh, a fighter pilot of the Indian Navy, was laid to rest with full military honours at Goa on 11 Dec 20. Commander Nishant did not survive the Mig-29K crash off Goa on 26 Nov 20. His wife, Nayaab Randhawa received the tricolour and her husband’s uniform from the Commanding Officer of the squadron.

Cdr. Nishant Singh in aviation rig; Photo Courtesy/Indian Navy

The son of a naval officer, Commander Nishant was a Qualified Flying Instructor adept on Kiran, Hawk and Mig-29K fighter aircraft. The Indian Navy has lost one of its most accomplished aviators in Cdr Nishant as he had also received advanced strike training with the US Navy. The officer was also a qualified mountaineer as well as a skilled yachtsman.

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