Dear Readers, Help Mission Victory India Grow #FortheFauj

We humbly request our readers to donate any amount they find fit to help Mission Victory India sustain and grow as a platform highlighting and bringing together the voice of both the Veteran and Serving fraternities on poignant Military issues.

Dear Readers, Help Mission Victory India Grow #FortheFauj

Dear Reader,

Mission Victory India (MVI) is an autonomous defence think tank established to foster progressive military leadership reforms and to identify and introduce tangible changes in military selection procedures, training, and recruitment policy.

Founded in 2020 by '71 war veteran, Colonel Vinay B Dalvi (Retd) and defence journalist Aritra Banerjee, MVI is a one-of-a-kind non-partisan defence think tank built to bring all stakeholders on a common platform to discuss and deliberate underlying issues within the armed forces, and to recommend apt solutions to address these conspicuous and inconspicuous shortcomings.

Pillars of Mission Victory India

Army Mission

Mission Victory India’s mission is to spread awareness of the lesser-known and -discussed subjects pertaining to Professional Military Education (PME), especially, the processes of nurturing, selecting, training, and grooming military leadership at all levels.

It aims to provide extensive knowledge via an array of exhaustive research papers, journals, articles, and debates, to serving and retired defence personnel, academicians, journalists, and defence enthusiasts. And to promote critical and strategic thinking among the serving fraternity for the Indian military’s emergence as a modern warfighting force, competent to lead in 21st-century warfare.

Indian Defence Thinktank

Col. Vinay Dalvi a Pune-based '71 war veteran who went on to serve as the Physical Training Officer (PTO)  in three of India's premier military training establishments—the National Defence Academy (NDA), Indian Military Academy (IMA), and the Officers Training Academy (OTA)—under the aegis of the Army Physical Training Corps (APTC).

He has been pushing for military training and leadership reforms for over three decades now, a cause for which he has penned down seven volumes worth of military literature.

The campaign sparked off after the release of his first book 'Role Model ' in 2010 and the subsequent articles and debates initiated by him. In the words of Col. Dalvi, “The Victory India Campaign is about improving the quality of our military leadership at all levels by studying, analyzing and researching about all our processes of nurturing, selection, training, and grooming our military officers from the lowest rank to the highest.

In any conflict, proxy war, or even peacetime scenario the quality of our leadership, especially in the Army is of critical importance for success or victory. The better the quality of leadership at the decisive points, the better are the chances of victory."

Mission Victory India Coverage

The Campaign has been covered extensively in major publications including The Times of India, The Indian Express, Sakal Times Pune, Gomantak Times, Force Magazine, Geopolitics Magazine, among many other reputed international publications and journals such as SOFREP.

With the passage of time, what was once only a limited campaign became a Mission and encompassed subjects well beyond the campaign and ultimately became Mission Victory India (2020) covering all possible subjects concerning military leadership, military doctrines, national defence & security, Professional Military Education (PME) and Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA).

The Victory India Campaign took off, sustained itself, and became Mission Victory India due to the deep conviction, combined support, and cohesive efforts of numerous dedicated and devoted veterans. Collectively they built Mission Victory India.

MVI has come a long way. What was once only one man’s dream is now the mission of thousands. We’ve grown from a one-man operation to an eclectic team of individuals from various professional backgrounds with one common goal.

We hope that through this website we can spread the mission wider and faster, hopefully reaching more decision-makers. Victory India!

Help Us Grow

We humbly request our readers to donate any amount they find fit to help Mission Victory India sustain and grow as a platform highlighting and bringing together the voice of both the Veteran and Serving fraternities on poignant issues concerning the wellbeing and health of the Armed Forces.

Do your bit; help create conversation around the welfare of the armed forces. If you do not, those not qualified to represent you will speak on your behalf. Be a part of the larger conversation.#FortheFauj

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