Group Captain Johnson Chacko, ex-Instructor, DSSC, CDM, AFA, NDA

Group Captain Johnson Chacko, ex-Instructor, DSSC, CDM, AFA, NDA

An ex-NDA, Gp Capt. Johnson Chacko was commissioned into the IAF in the Offensive Operations (Fighter/Bomber) stream in 1975 as a pilot. He landed a bomber on its belly with very limited experience, for which he was cited for a Kirti Chakra. He has taught and supervised flying of ab-initio pilots as a Flight Commander at Air Force Academy (AFA). He introduced principles of training derived from ancient Indian educational methodology with tremendous effect on professionalism.

Besides being a Ground Attack pilot his operational specialisations were in Electronic Combat (Canberra) and Strategic Reconnaissance (MiG 25). He also specialised in Surface to Air Missile systems and Commanded a SAM III Squadron. He has published a patentable mathematical derivation. His other published works include articles on “Indian Military Doctrine” and “Enhancement of Security at Military Airfields – Counter Terrorism”.

As a Battalion Commander at NDA, besides having the responsibility of overall training, he mentored about 2000 cadets (future Officers of Indian Armed Forces) on Leadership, Morals and Ethics. He has been on the Faculty of Staff College, where future Generals, Admirals and Air Marshals are trained. He was also on the Faculty at College of Defence Management where Master of Management Studies students are taught the nuances of managing resources of the Armed Forces at senior levels.

He retired prematurely from IAF in 2006 and was the profit centre head of an International Property Consultancy MNC for South India for two years. He is currently a freelance electronic surveillance consultant for physical security (non IT), helping farmers grow more food/fish and helping people to bootstrap a business on a shoestring budget. He resides in Pune and can be contacted at [email protected]


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