Brigadier MG Kadam,VSM ex DJAG (HQ SC & HQ EC)

Brigadier MG Kadam,VSM ex DJAG (HQ SC & HQ EC)

Brig. MG Kadam, VSM, is a renowned legal expert with years of valuable experience in military law under his belt. He was commissioned into the Kumaon regt in 1966. Brig Kadam was selected for serving in the Judge Advocate General (JAG) branch after serving 14 years in the Infantry as result of  his legal background and long valuable experience in operational areas.

He made a smooth transition into military law with the ease of having valuable and critical experience of long service in operational areas as an infantry officer and with his creed and credible knowledge of legal matters.

Brig Kadam served for 32 years in the Indian Army in a number of important appointments in various operational areas of  North East India besides serving in Jammu and Kashmir. During his illustrious career in the army, Brig Kadam went through a number of Professional Training Courses including some in Military Intelligence. He is an army veteran of the 1971 India - Pakistan War for the liberation of East Pakistan and now Bangladesh.

He served with distinction as a highly trained and experienced officer in Field Intelligence Operations and was part of a specially selected team of officers who were tasked to interrogate the Pakistani Officers Prisoners of War after their capture/surrender to the Indian Army during 1971 war.

Brig Kadam handles all his legal assignments at all important levels of staff and command with great ease, skill and sincerity. As a result of his hard work Brig Kadam was promoted to the Deputy Judge Advocate General (DJAG) and he headed the legal branches of prestigious Southern and Eastern Commands of the army. He was also privileged to serve at JAG branch at Army HeadQuarters (AHQ), New Delhi. For his outstanding legal work and handling of cases in  the honourable High Courts of Calcutta and Guwahati.

He was honoured with the Vishisht Seva Medal by the President of India. Brig Kadam is an experienced researcher and senior consultant for field investigations and specialty cases pertaining to litigation including providing Litigation Support Information. He operates out of Pune and looks after Maharashtra and Gujarat. He is a double graduate degree in English literature from Pune University and a second degree in law from Mumbai university


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