E-Book: Himalayan Blunder by Brig. John Dalvi (1969)

It is the honour of Mission Victory India (MVI) to make available the great military classic Himalyan Blunder authored by the late Brig John Dalvi to the public at large.

E-Book: Himalayan Blunder by Brig. John Dalvi (1969)

Why Read The 'Himalyan Blunder' by Brig John P Dalvi

Dear Reader,

It is the honour of Mission Victory India (MVI) to make available the great military classic Himalyan Blunder authored by the late Brig John Dalvi, Commander of the famed 7 Infantry Brigade that bore the brunt of the Chinese attack in the Battle of Namka Chu during the Sino-Indian conflict of Oct ‘62. The conflict is now 58 years old and this book was written 51 years ago. Brig John Dalvi, if he was alive today, would have been 100 years old.

This book was dedicated by him to all the ranks of the 7 Infantry Brigade that laid down their lives for their motherland unquestioningly. The lessons brought out in this military classic hold good even now, and are extremely relevant, especially, due to the present Sino-Indian face-off and military build-up taking place on both sides including with their ally Pakistan.

We hope that maximum readers will closely peruse this book for all it’s worth and become aware of a first-hand account that was penned down for posterity 51 years ago. We also hope that all possible useful and relevant lessons are drawn by all concerned from what the book readily offers on a platter. We are indeed grateful to Michael Dalvi for letting the country and the world know the true story of the 1962 debacle. It is never too late to know and learn from a first-hand account of military history. Victory India!  

- Col. Vinay Dalvi, Founder & Director, Mission Victory India -

Message from Brig John P Dalvi’s Son Michael Dalvi:

Lessons are hard to learn! Believe me; they're equally, if not harder, to teach. My father, about whom you will now read, had many sayings up the proverbial sleeve. One went like this: "No experience is a bad experience provided you learn from it." Another one was: "Keep your head cool, feet warm, bowels open and mouth shut."

I'm telling you this because Himalayan Blunder has many of the ingredients derived from these sayings. It was a bad experience, but we've learnt from it. He kept a cool head while on his way back home from captivity, all around him there was military and political chaos. Feet & bowels we'll leave aside for now, but he was convinced he wouldn't keep his mouth shut. Because the officers and men he commanded deserved it.

In his words: To vindicate the reputation of the men I had the honour to command. I hope that I shall have discharged my responsibility to all of those who gave their lives in the line of duty and whose sacrifice deserves a permanent, printed memorial.

What more needs to be said? Jai Hind!

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