8th Indo-Kyrgyz Special Forces Exercise 'Khanjar' Held in Bishkek

The eighth Indo-Kyrgyz joint Special Forces exercise 'Khanjar' flagged off today.

8th Indo-Kyrgyz Special Forces Exercise 'Khanjar' Held in Bishkek

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Friday 16 April 2021: The eight Indo-Kyrgyz Joint Special Forces Exercise “Khanjar” was inaugurated at the Special Forces Brigade of National Guards of Kyrgyz Republic in Bishkek, the capital of the host nation. Initiated first in 2011, the two-weeks long special operations exercise focuses on high-altitude warfare, mountain warfare and counter-extremism exercises.

Commander of Kyrgyz National Guards, Colonel Ergeshov Talantbek, in his opening remarks, commended the high-altitude resilience of the elite troops from both nations and lauded their interoperability level of camaraderie they shared.

"It is good that our Special Forces are exercising jointly with their counterparts in Krygzstan. These bonds are important," said Lieutenant General PC Katoch (Retd), former Indian Special Forces officer from 1 Para SF and the author of Special Operations Case studies: Lessons for India.  

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Recalling India-Kyrgyz civilizational bonds, Ambassador Alok A. Dimri welcomed the Indian contingent for the exercise and felicitated their role as a bridge in promoting the shared mountain and nomadic heritage of both nations.

A ceremonial parade graced the occasion along with a display of equipment’s and weapons and a visit to the training arena and barracks. “Khanjar is the only bilateral Special Forces excercise with any of the C.A.R nations,” said Indian Army Spokesperson Col. Aman Anand.

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